ITS SMS Broadcasting Services | Intellexal Solutions


Broadcasting is a quick and effective way to reach your audience to promote and aware them of your offerings. While other communication channels may be time-consuming and pricey, Broadcast allows the brand to achieve its KPIs using a quicker and cheaper solution. It also plays an important role for the brands by wheeling in the whole communication vehicle.

With a population of more than 202 million people and 161 million cellular subscribers, your brand has the opportunity to tap in to the mass audience using our Voice and SMS broadcasting solutions. Intellexal Solutions, being one of the leading Mobile VAS company and a licensee of CVAS from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, has successfully maintained a strong presence in the market for 6 years. Our clientele has a reflection of leading players from more or less every industry.

As a part of the marketing process, Broadcasting helps your brand to narrow down its target audience on the basis of four main parameters – Age, Gender, Location and Average Revenue per User. It also allows you to reach the 3G/4G Subscribers making up a total of 67 million population. By engaging your brand with all the four mobile networks, you can count on broadcast to extend your campaigns’ reach to over 95% of your customers.