Promotional Campaigns through Robocalls for Brand Awareness

You must have heard about promotional campaigns for brand awareness, but have you ever heard about Robocalls for brand awareness?

Brand awareness in literal terms is the cornerstone of any successful business strategy. Trust, brand recognition, customer loyalty; everything comes through brand awareness. We live in an ever-evolving digital world, we are bombarded with automated messages, and emails, coming out from every direction. But, there is one more avenue that is extremely effective, and often overlooked by brands—robo calls.

Robocalls are powerful tools for raising brand awareness and for promotional campaigns if done correctly.

What are Robo Calls?

Robotic Calls, commonly known as “robocalls” are automated phone calls. The kind of calls that you receive that deliver pre-recorded messages to a large number of users all at once are robocalls. There is no need for human intervention, these calls are recorded via automated calling systems or software.

Robocalls are used for several purposes such as customer service, telemarketing, appointment reminders, promotional messages for brand awareness, etc. Robocalls are effective and they reach a wider audience quickly and efficiently without the need for manual dialing or interaction by human operators. It is an effective marketing tactic, which is a scalable communication tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Then Why Robocalls Have Garnered Controversy?

Well, that’s a good and important question to address.

Robocalls are automated calls, if not done strategically, they can be considered spam calls and can annoy the users.

Robocalls are an effective way to deliver important messages, promote products and services, or engage with customers.

For example: Hospitals use robocalls to remind the patients about their appointments.

Also, the calls must be scheduled in a strategic manner. Not random number calling at 3 am to update a customer about a parcel.

Using robocalls for promotional campaigns is an excellent idea but it must be executed thoughtfully. It can be a useful tool for brand awareness, and many multinationals are using IVR services as an effective marketing tool. If you are a complete novice, here are some tips for you to use robocalls for brand awareness.

The Power of a Robocall:

 What is more, robocalls (automated phone calls broadcasting pre-recorded messages) are inarguably very efficient in terms of both time and money so they can affect and amaze a large number of people. We live in a world where technology evolves every minute. Still, the internet connectivity is not that stable in Pakistan, robocall services can save the situation and reach the audience regardless of their area. especially, for promotional campaigns, robocalls are an effective marketing tool.

Key Considerations:

  1. Regulatory Compliance:

Before running the robocall Campaign in Pakistan, a worth noting regulation should be taken into account. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) regulates and supervises communications in the country. All marketers must fully comply with its rules and principles. For instance, the necessity of express consent from the subscribers before embarking on the promotional calls campaign.

  1. Cultural Sensitivities:

Enthusiastically, Pakistan is a diverse state having different traditions and cultures prevailing in each of the provinces. The marketing agents feel the need to use the robocall messages in such a way that they reflect the local sensitivities and preferences. Personalisation and using the right language are the main thing that affects the message’s success among the target audience.

  1. Timing and Frequency:

We give top priority to time management for the audience. Keep in mind that robbing someone of their sleeping hours and praying times is not a good way to reach out. Do not frequently phone robocalls to not let users feel annoyed and also maintain a good brand image.

  1. Localized Content:

A strong make to engage and offer relatability is by getting localized content that can be integrated into other calls. Not only specific events and holidays being indicated from different parts of the country tending themselves to be of great importance. But also local success stories part of the ad campaign, approaches an extremely important factor for the success of the campaign.

  1. Opt-out Mechanism:

Provide prospective recipients of these calls with a simple mechanism to opt out of receiving more of them in the future. Thus, and so, your inclination not to disregard their taste enhances your obligation toward the law and constructs trust with the brand.

Now, consider an example of a brand successfully implementing a robocall campaign:

One of the most prominent and leading telecommunications companies distributes calls to persuade the market to purchase its newest data packages, which also contain minutes and SMS. This is where they rely on demographic data that enable them to target their urban and rural audiences. Using customized communication channels in different languages. By incorporating a clear opt-out option and respecting cultural sensitivities, XYZ Telecom achieves a significant increase in brand awareness and subscription rates.

Your Robocall should sound like this:

[Automated Voice]:

“Hello, valued customer,

This is [Grocery Store], your go-to destination for all everyday needs.

We’re excited to announce our biggest sale of the year!

Starting this May, enjoy massive discounts on a wide range of products, including Rice, Oil, Pulses, etc.

That’s not all! As a thank you for your loyalty, we’re offering an exclusive early access opportunity for all our VIP customers.

Simply visit our website or head to your nearest store. Don’t miss out on this chance to save big on your favorite items!

To opt out of future communications, please press 9.


Thank you.”




This above call incorporates several key elements, including:

  1. Introduction: A call starts by stating the company name.
  1. Announcement: The goal of the call is informative and it features the offer to make a purchase.
  2. Key Details: The start date and some selected products or categories of the sales event are indicated.
  3. Exclusive Offer: The feeling of distinction is formed through hinting at how VIP privileges are extended to these customers early on.
  4. Call to Action: Recipients can find a motivational ad on the website or even enter the store to purchase the product for experience.
  5. Opt-out Option: An opt-out function as easy to use as possible is created to comply with regulations and also to ensure customers’ preferences are kept in mind.

In a Nutshell:

Robocalls are automated pre-recorded calls  used for several purposes. It is a highly strategic marketing tactic. Which is effective and efficient but must be used with the right approach. Most importantly, a brand must not annoy users with robocalls, by scheduling them on wrong timings. For a better outcome, connect with IVR services that can also provide you with details about SMS campaigns. They can guide you for brand awareness and promotional campaigns.