Transactional SMS: Exploring Benefits and Features

You must have received such messages several times a day. Above is an example of a transactional message.

Transactional SMS services have increasingly become the most preferred method for businesses of all sizes. From the marketing industry to service and banking, businesses provide clients with information such as promotions, order confirmation, billing notifications, etc., not to mention the opening rate of transactional messages is higher than that of email messages and other notifications.

Nonetheless, there is so much noise online; no matter what, people ignore the brand communication efforts. But, when it comes to SMS services, people also open and read them. If you are also looking for a shortcode SMS provider, want to avail yourself of transactional SMS services, and are keen to explore the benefits, keep reading.

Transactional SMSWhat is Transactional SMS?

Everyone knows about SMS, as it is one of the oldest forms of communication. You must have probably sent and received a couple of messages just today. But, when you place an order somewhere or when you make a transaction from your bank account, you must have noticed that you received a verification code to confirm your identity.


The transactional message does not come with a promotional intent. Instead, brands use them to keep the customers informed. It is a form of SMS communication, not branded SMS. It is an automated text message that facilitates customer interaction and provides them support through the customer lifecycle. It bridges the gap between business and the customer by providing a seamless flow of information.

Transactional SMSTypes of Transactional SMS:

Before we explore the benefits of transactional SMS more, let’s dive deeper into the types of transactional SMS to get a better understanding.

1. E-commerce Order Confirmation:

” Dear, Sami, Your order #8981 received BN Skincare. Thank you for your order! You will receive further notification as your order is being processed. ”

2. Online Food Delivery Confirmation:

Dear Jahangir, Thank you for order #8201 from Food Express, which was ordered at [16:06]. Your order is now confirmed, and it will be delivered to you in approx 50 minutes. Bon Appétit!

3. Travel Booking Confirmation:

Dear Neha, This is to inform you that your flight booking #KJW213 with E-Airlines is confirmed for 28/07/24. You will receive check-in details closer to the flight.

4. Telecom Service Activation:

Your new plan with Pakcom has been activated.

5. Utility Bill Payment Confirmation:

”Dear Omer, We have received the payment for your electricity bill of PKR 89000. Thank you for being our valued customer.

6. Subscription Renewal Confirmation:

”Hello Nida, This letter is to inform you that your subscription has been renewed for you and the next billing cycle will be due on 1/7/24. ”

3. Appointment Confirmation (Healthcare):

“Dear Hanif, You have been scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Mumtaz at AK Clinic  on 7/02/24 at 3:30pm. You should take a seat 15 minutes before your appointment time. ”

8. Online Education Course Enrollment Confirmation:

“Greetings Hina Fatima, Congratulations! You are now enrolled in a Palliative Care Course with VLC. Details of the course are as follows: [Course Link]. ”

9. Insurance Policy Purchase Confirmation:

Your policy #JN890 for Health Insurance has been successfully issued, and for more information about the policy documents you have received, refer to the policy documents”.

Transactional messages confirm actions taken by customers and brands. Such messages update them about important information and, at the same time, provide assurances regarding their transactions or service requests. However, these messages are crucial for maintaining communication and trust between service providers and customers in Pakistan.

Transactional SMSBenefits of Transactional SMS:

Transactional SMS is no less than a valuable asset for businesses as it allows them to effectively and efficiently convey information to customers. Not only this, but it also promotes heightened engagement and elevates the customer experience. Let’s dive deep into these benefits.

1. Engagement Rate

Transactional messages have a whopping opening rate of 98%. The statistics show that it is higher than the opening rate of email and other social media notifications.

2. Swift Delivery:

The most important benefit of a transactional message is the expedited message delivery. It is quite beneficial for time-sensitive requests like password resets or transaction notifications. However, the swift transition of information not only enhances the user experience and efficiency but also facilitates user authentication.

3. Templates:

Transactional SMS can also be used to send pre-approved templates. Moreover, it ensures that a standardized, accurate messaging format promotes consistency across communication channels.

4. Customer Satisfaction:

Transactional SMS proves to be extremely efficient in elevating the customer experience. In addition to this, the automatic feature makes it more reliable and also matches customer satisfaction. The timely information to customers ensures that they remain well-informed and engaged with the brand.

5. Inclusion of DND Subscribers:

Transactional SMS is quite beneficial as some customers opt for DND service (Do not disturb). Such messages ensure that important messages are sent and delivered to customers who do not like to call for confirmation.

6. 24/7 Customer Support:

Transactional SMS also provides round-the-clock customer service with real-time communication. Notifications that are time-sensitive, like appointment reminders, delivery updates or booking confirmations, can be sent right away.

In a Nutshell:

With shortcode SMS provider service, you can establish a strong connection with your customers. Not only this, but you can also gain their trust and reach out to your clients on time. We at Intellexal Solutions are experienced in providing branded SMS services. The benefits of transactional SMS are evident in the above article. From order confirmations to OTP’s, you can streamline all your business operations.


What is a transactional SMS?

A transactional SMS is a type of text message sent to inform customers about specific transactions or events related to their accounts, services, or purchases. These messages are typically non-marketing in nature and provide essential information to the recipient.

How are transactional SMS messages different from promotional SMS messages?

Transactional SMS Focuses on delivering critical information to customers. Do not require prior consent for delivery. Usually, they have higher delivery priority and reliability. Are exempt from regulatory restrictions on promotional content.

How can businesses ensure compliance with transactional SMS regulations?

Businesses can clearly define and categorize transactional and promotional messages. They can provide opt-out mechanisms for recipients. Moreover, they can maintain accurate records of message content and delivery.