Customer Verification Application


Track your sales team performance in real time:

Customer Verification Application (CVA) is a simple to use android based application that enables businesses to track sales team’s performance in real-time.

  • Attendance Marking: Mark attendance along with location
  • Customized fields for form: Admin can create their own forms that sales rep or BA will fill while meeting the customer or client
  • 30 Minutes location fetching: fetching location after every 30 mins to track the movement of BA or Field Force
  • Location tracking at the time entry: Each entry made will pinned on the map
  • Verification process of customer/ Client number: OTP feature which allows BA to only register verified numbers on the app
  • Entry of sales: Sales Rep or BA can report deals closed or sales on the app
  • Media push on apps: Admin can send media (image, video and documents) through portal and upload it on the sales rep or BA app
  • MSG service on the app: Admin can send push notifications and messages on BA/ Sales Rep App
  • SMS through portal: Admin can send SMS to the registered BAs/ Sales Rep
  • Web Portal: Web Portal for reporting and tracking of sales rep and Bas
  • Attendance alert: When BA/ Sales Rep marks attendance at the wrong location
  • Geo Boundary Alert: When BA/ Sales Rep enters or leaves a designated location
  • Late Alert: If BA/ Sales Rep marks attendance after the shift start time
  • Shift Alert: If BA/ Sales Rep leaves the designation area before the shift end time
  • Target Alerts: If BA/ Sales Rep do not achieve the daily targets
  • Idle Alert: If BA/ Sales Rep does not mark any entry in a set time
  • Disconnected App Alert: If user is disconnected by turning off location/ data/ device/ or uninstalling the app alert will be generated
  • Customized Reports: Reports as per the requirement of the client.
  • Weekly Reports: Weekly reports to be shared over email
  • Monthly Reports: Monthly reports to be shared over email
  • Annual Reports: Annually reports to be shared over email

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