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Mobile text messaging is the preferred communications channel for millions of consumers due to its convenience, immediacy,
and ease-of-use

ITS CHAT Contact Center solution brings the benefits of text messaging into contact center operations by enabling
organizations to communicate with their customers using a combination of agent-assisted contact center and interactive
text messaging services.


32% of callers who hang up do not call back.

Large number of customers believe it take too long to reach a live agent to get solution for their problem.

68% of callers who stay on the line if they hear relevant information.

Text message is the most common thing that users do on their phone. Additionally, it’s quickly becoming a preferred method of communication.

How can you immediately reduce your call center cost by 25% and increase customer satisfaction by 65%?

ITS CHAT empowers organizations to communicate with consumers using two-way messaging and agent-assisted text chatting. More convenient, reliable, user-friendly and cost effective solution.


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