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ITS in Pakistan has transformed the digital environment in Pakistan by ensuring easy access to digital payments. We provide dependable and adaptable e-payment options through ITS Pay across various digital platforms and websites. Our team of skilled professionals and strategists offers tailored solutions to your challenges.

ITS PAY- Best Payment Gateway in Pakistan

At ITS Pay, our mission is centered on providing unparalleled service to our esteemed clientele. Our comprehensive array of services extends to a diverse range of digital and virtual websites, catering to various needs such as gaming applications, virtual shopping experiences, social applications, video/audio platforms, and utility applications, all requiring secure and efficient E-payment solutions for seamless financial transactions.

For merchants operating within Pakistan, we take pride in offering the finest products and an advanced E-payment system. Our cutting-edge services encompass Mobile Financial Services (MFS) and Premium SMS Charging (PSMS), empowering local businesses to conduct swift and secure financial transactions within the country.

International merchants can also benefit from our platform, as we facilitate their overseas financial mechanisms through our reliable Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) services. This allows them to conduct smooth cross-border transactions with the utmost ease and confidence.

With ITS Pay, both local and international businesses can harness the power of a robust E-payment infrastructure, opening doors to new opportunities and enhanced financial capabilities. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients experience nothing less than the best in the realm of digital financial solutions.

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Pricing Models

Being one of the best payment gateways in Pakistan, ITS Pay offer its clients flexible pricing models

Fixed Price Points | Dynamic Pricing with a predefined price range | Subscription and Recurring Charging

All the pricing is charged in PKR and exclusive of all types of taxes. Further pricing models can be customized based on client’s specific requirements.

Premium Rate SMS is a mobile billing mechanism, which requires a “Shortcode” text to send and receive a premium SMS towards payments of products and services. It eliminates tedious registration procedures and safeguard against fraudulent Debit/Credit card information being shared. Cost is accumulated on consumers transfer of SMS text at a premium rate. With an emerging high demand of the mobile phone market, premium SMS delivers merchants the opportunity to increase revenue.
Mobile Financial Services is an integration of mobile wireless network and financial services which permits consumers to execute banking transactions from a mobile account. Consumers will make E-payments of digital goods and services via mobile billing carriers, eliminating the involvement of any Debit/Credit card information. MFS is a simple and convenient portal for E-payments transactions via cellular devices to both, unbanked and financial institutions.
ITS Pay generates an extensive analysis over the ongoing campaign with real-time evaluations of revenue transactions and graph forecasting. This analytical data can be consolidated into merchant’s business models through our API integration and make it easier to create strategic evaluations. Our portal also provides daily, weekly and monthly analysis of e-payments transactions, helping merchants understand trend analysis and implement their digital acquisition strategies accordingly.

Why ITS Pay?

Our offerings encompass a wide range of advantages:

  • An innovative OTP generated payments optimization system.
  • The ability to launch various Pricing and Market penetration models without the need for additional development.
  • A projected 50% increase in revenue within the first 6 months of implementation.
  • An optimized and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for users.
  • Seamless connectivity with Pakistan's major telecommunication companies.
  • Ensuring secure and reliable payment integration.
  • Flexibility and reliability in our payment terms.