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Get ready for new age of communication over SMS using SMS Short Codes

SMS Short code service is primarily used for lead generation or receiving feedbacks from the customers. Short codes are essentially a 4 digit number. These numbers ensures the highest throughput for any cross network messaging service. They depend on extremely high speed direct connectivity. An absolute must for sending out premium text messages.

Many companies use sms short codes to run their mobile marketing campaigns because they allow consumers to text back to any messages received. This facilitates customer interaction and two way communication, which builds relationships, customer loyalty and generates many opportunities for targeted mobile marketing.

Generally two types of short-code services are available, dedicated and shared. Dedicated short codes are used for one customer and shared are used among several customers and based on keywords traffics are diverted.

Dedicated Short Codes

Dedicated codes are exclusive to your organization. They can be used across multiple campaigns and users can create as many
keywords as they require. Dedicated short-codemaking it easier for customers to contact the organization.

Shared Short Codes

Represent a low cost solution for organizations wanting to realize the benefits of a Short Code. Shared codes are used by
more than one customer. Customers simply request the keywords they require to allow access to their services

Why Short Code?

  • Short Code SMS smart, fast and simple
  • User friendly GUI control panel to view messages

  • Competition & Voting
  • Product feedback or promotions

  • Two-Way communication with sales force, Engineers and suppliers
  • Customizable welcome or reply message

  • Forwarding of messages to email or other number at minimal charges
  • Export responses to your desired format like Excel, PDF


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