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We provide you the best voice-based OTP service to increase your customer’s security and also get easy to integrate voice-based OTP API for software or CRM. Voice OTP service automatically generates a code based on numbers or characters for your users for verification of a login or transaction or authentication purpose etc.

ITS is one of the leading voice OTP services in Pakistan. Our platform is built on an efficient platform that ensures reliable and fast voice delivery nationwide. We offer premium and reliable services that guarantee 100% delivery of critical and confidential information to all the mobile network services.

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Our voice-based OTP platform offers features and functionalities that offer the most reliable, accurate and fast solution improving overall efficiency of the verification and authentication processes.

Intellexal Solutions

Cost Efficient

Voice OTP helps companies reduce the operational cost and hiring resources for customer service management.

Intellexal Solutions

Quick Verification

Our voice OTP can deliver within seconds, which increases the reliability and efficiency of the verification process significantly.

Intellexal Solutions

High Efficiency

Voice OTP is an automated system, similar to an IVR, that significantly increases the operational efficiency and accuracy while managing multiple calls at the same time.

Intellexal Solutions

Voice Failover

This is a text to speech feature that advances the 2FA process. It enables the system to make calls and send OTPs through phone calls, taking the rate of delivery to 100 percent.

Intellexal Solutions

Generate Pins

Our platform generates pins automatically that can be used for once only and is restricted to individual users only.


Our Voice-based OTP API has helped a number of companies from various industries and sectors like banking, ecommerce, industrial firms etc.


You can use voice OTP services via SMS or calls for authentication of registrations on your websites, software and apps, while keeping the whole process easy and fast.


You can use OTP for sending text to speech for various purposes like activation, deletion or restoration of your client’s account, while maintaining confidentiality of consumer data.


You can enhance the security of various processes like transactions, logins etc. through voice OTP. It’s a hassle-free way to secure the entire process while keeping it convenient for the users as well.


You can use voice OTP for the reactivation process of a client or business account, while receiving confirmation or permission through voice OTP.

Reset Passwords

You can use voice OTP for password reset process as well, instead of text and emails which makes the entire process faster and secure.

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