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Website Integration

Web integration is adding SMS functionality to a website that adds an extra level of personalization and interactivity. ITS offers website integration services enabling SMS for your website or application with an efficient API. A document will be provided with code samples. ITS is one of the leading SMS services provider in Pakistan. Our API supports both long messages and Unicode and allows multiple webhooks to create workflow with customization.

We have a team of experienced developers who have expertise in integrating our SMS API to different websites, CRM, software and applications. All you have to do is provide us with a contact number and message that is to be delivered to our gateway and it will be delivered in no time.

We have got a reliable and efficient SMS API to send and receive personalized and bulk text messages. Plus, we provide support with detailed documents to help you explain how our API works and an experienced team to guide you through the process.

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Sign up or contact form notification

Receive an SMS when somebody completes an important action on your site.

User verification and SPAM protection

Ensure a user is real by adding SMS verification to online forms.

Two factor authentications

Add SMS code authentication to password verification to secure your site.

Services and Support


We strive to maintain reliability within our services offering full time support and maintaining direct relationships with our consumers and networks.

Easy Integration

We have got an easy integration mechanism. We provide an easy document with sample codes and a team of developers is there to assist you.


We maintain ease in accessibility and connectivity with direct connection to all the networks available. This facilitates the reach as well.

Features of Website Integration

Get Free API

You will get free API to send thousands of messages through our SMS gateway within seconds. Other than that, our API offers features to send personalized messages, schedule your messages, receive delivery recipients, collect survey results and forms into your software.

Get Fully supported SMS gateway

You will be provided with an SMS API code that you just have to copy and your API key and you can start with sending and receiving messages in no time. We offer a fully supported SMS gateway with detailed documents about our SMS API on how to use it with SMS code examples and a team of experienced developers to guide you through the process.