WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business

Be available on customer’s most preferred chatting app

WhatsApp Business enables you to conveniently manage your customer support and to be available using mobile phones or WhatsApp Web. With the development in customer service quality, consumers expect businesses to respond promptly to their queries, with ease and accessibility to the brand. This is where WhatsApp business service helps improve your communication with potential consumers and increase consumer engagement.

WhatsApp Business in Pakistan is the most preferred chatting app, most of the users in Pakistan spend more than 20% of their screen time on WhatsApp. Are you there to improve your customer experience? WhatsApp Business solution allows businesses to connect with their customers on a platform that is fast and reliable.

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WhatsApp business Features

WhatsApp for business is loaded with features and functionalities that makes it easier for you to organize your chats and manage your profile.

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Message Templates

You can use templates with pre-written messages for appointments, confirmations, reports, updates and reminders that can improve your efficiency to communicate.

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Branded Business Profile

WhatsApp business enables you to create your brand’s profile with information like your business address, your website link, contact details etc.

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Organizing Chats

WhatsApp business enables you to organize your chats in accordance with priority through options like labels, colors and departments to keep them sorted.

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Creating Catalog

With WhatsApp business you can create your catalogs for about 500 products or services to be displayed on your business profile and promote them.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp business has become a cost effective, fast and efficient platform to connect with your consumers. It provides businesses with higher reach and offers great functionality and convenience.

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Dynamic Communication

With WhatsApp business you can send or attach multimedia to your message like images, videos, documents and much more.

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No Setup Fee

There is no account setup or activation fee associated with WhatsApp business app. You can just install and start communicating with your customers.

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Unlimited Active Users

With WhatsApp business you can access and connect with a number of active users monthly and they can contact you as well.

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Secure Messaging

With features like two factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, making it easier for businesses to manage regulations and compliance laws.

Service Highlights
  • Send Alerts & Notifications: Send real-time alerts and notifications while offering always-on support through a chatbot or live agent
  • Automated Replies: Automate your replies and provide your consumers with always-on service. Automate your FAQs as well to provide information instantly to your customers
  • Agent Based: Our web portal allows brands to communicate with their customers, resolve complaints and provide the needed information instantly.
  • Tracking and Reports: Track your agents’ performance and keep a check on customer requirements through our reporting option.
  • 24/7 Consultancy: We offer consultancy service 24/7. Our experts will be available anytime to provide you guidance and assist you throughout the process.

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