In this era of digital advancements, ITS is driven by a vision to transform Pakistan into a thriving digital landscape. We provide rapid and diverse Customer Application Services throughout the country, enabling brands and businesses to gain comprehensive customer insights through digital channels. Our swift, dependable, and user-friendly digital procedures make connecting with your target audience effortless and hassle-free.

Customer Verification Application (CVA)

Introducing the Customer Verification Application (CVA), a user-friendly Android-based tool offered by ITS that allows you to track and manage information about your targeted customers effortlessly. With its exceptional features and functionalities, our application ensures a convenient and accurate user experience while adhering to product standards and legal requirements.

By implementing CVA, businesses can reduce the workload on their staff and minimize the chances of errors. This innovative application not only helps streamline customer verification processes but also contributes to improving operational efficiency in various areas of business management.

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Attendance Alert

When BA/ Sales Rep marks attendance at the wrong location.

Geo Boundary Alert

When BA/ Sales Rep enters or leaves a designated location.

Late Alert

If BA/ Sales Rep leaves the designation area after the shift time ends.

Shift Alert

If BA/ Sales Rep leaves the designation area before the shift time ends.

Target Alerts

If BA/ Sales Rep does not achieve the daily target.

Idle Alert

If BA/ Sales Rep does not mark any entry in a set time.

Disconnected App Alert

Alert will be generated if user is disconnected by turning off location/ data/ device/ or uninstalling the app.


Attendance Alert

Mark attendance along with location.

Location Tracking at The Time Entry

Location will be pinned on the map with each entry made.

Customized Fields for Form

Admin can create their own forms that sales rep or BA will fill while meeting the customer or client.

Verification Process of Customer/ Client Number

OTP feature which allows BA to only register verified numbers on the app.

30 Minutes Location Fetching

Fetching location after every 30 mins to track the movement of BA or Field Force.

Entry of Sales

Sales Rep or BA can report deals closed or sales on the app.

Messaging Through Portal & App

Media Push on App

Admin can send media (image, video and documents) through portal and upload it on the sales rep or BA app.

MSG Service on The App

Admin can send push notifications and messages on BA/ Sales Rep App.

SMS Through Portal

Admin can send SMS to the registered BAs/ Sales Rep.

Web Portal

Web Portal for reporting and tracking of sales rep and Bas.


Customized Reports

Reports as per the requirement of the client.

Weekly Reports

Weekly reports to be shared over email.

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports to be shared over email.

Annual Reports

Annual reports to be shared over email.