Short Code

Short Code Service

Shortcode is a 04 to 05-digit number. Shortcodes are often used by businesses to allow customers to opt-in to their SMS campaigns, alert services, or to enter SMS competitions. Shortcodes are designed to be easier to read and remember than normal telephone numbers.

ITS is one of the leading Short-Code SMS service providers in Pakistan that offers efficient and reliable short-code SMS service as well. We also develop the ‘PUSH & PULL’ application and content management application along with the database design and maintenance.

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Push SMS

Short Code SMS Service will allow users to engage their customers and provide quality Call to action Services and Support, which will consequently help in retaining the audience and to keep in touch by just sending a single text on the short-code.

Retailers have long known that loyalty programs encourage continuous patronage and drive growth. But punch cards, email rewards, and direct mail often get lost (or tossed) in the clutter of our daily lives. Retail staff can also check if customers have a reward at checkout and encourage them to bring it up on mobile — a surprise saving that improves customer relations and drives loyalty.

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Pull SMS

Business use short codes as their corporate identity, which is accessible by all five mobile network operators’ services. It’s widely used to stay connected with customers, suppliers or employees.

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Types of Short-Code SMS Services

Shared Short Codes

Shared Short Code SMS involved the use of shared code for most of the users. Its like multiple organizations sharing a short-code. However, any two companies sharing one short code will have different keywords. This unique keyword will help in filtering the bulk text messages for short code receivers.

Dedicated Short Codes

Dedicated short code is used just by one user for running multiple campaigns. With dedicated short code, you will have complete control over the message body or content being shared by you. This helps in reducing your dependency upon short code service providers for monitoring that the message follows the standards. This reduces the risk and maintains integrity of your short code as well.

Features of SMS Short Code

Pick a Number of Your Choice

Having an easy number for short code helps in developing an impact and making it memorable for users resulting in higher engagement.

Managing Content of Messages

Having dedicated short codes will give you complete control over the messages that are being shared with your number.

High Level of Throughput

With high level of throughput dedicated short code supports and offers the scalability required to send SMS online in Pakistan at this large scale.