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Interactive Voice Response

ITS Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephonic system that interacts with customers, gathers information and can be used to route calls to the appropriate recipients. ITS IVR system accepts a combination of voice telephone input and a keypad selection. It also provides the desired responses in the form of voice, SMS, callback, email and other contact methods.

The IVR solutions provided by ITS helps you make your services competitive while reducing the cost and making them more efficient. This IVR helps you enhance your communication with your consumers, which results in generating more leads and higher conversion rate. It can also help you collect relevant and useful data that helps in adding value to your services.

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Benefits of IVR System

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an efficient way to interact with your consumers, hear them out and respond quickly. This is the reason why companies are adopting this IVR system as a strategic move.

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Improved First Call Resolution

With increased availability and accessibility for your consumers, it helps increase first contact resolution and customer satisfaction.

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Improved Efficiency

IVR increases your proficiency at solving or answering customer queries significantly, which results in higher customer satisfaction and retention.

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Improved Cost Efficiency

IVR helps improve cost efficiency through cost reduction as it reduces the need to hire personnel or customer service agents, reducing operational cost.


ITS offers an exclusive IVR system that will help you automate a number of processes for your business associated with marketing campaigns, surveys, polls, data collection etc.

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Auto Dialer Services

ITS offers auto dialer services that help improve ease and efficiency of your team.

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Bulk Voice calls Services

Reach your target audience at a large scale directly with our bulk voice call services.

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Missed Call Services

It’s an efficient way to get connected with your consumers and not miss any leads.


Our IVR system is packed with features that help improve your business customer care efficiency significantly and reduces operational cost keeping you in control of your IVR.

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Text to Speech

We will help you create a voice for your brand where you can turn your messages, information, OTP services etc. into speech. We will use human sounding speech to enhance those interactions making them sound natural.

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Custom IVR Menus

When a customer calls your business, they will hear a menu that will guide them and direct them to get connected to the actual destination, basically building a self-service workflow. This helps build credibility of your business services.

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Automate Customer Support

We will help you automate your customer support through IVR that will help, support and assist your customers with their queries without actually speaking to any agent. Here the IVR will provide them all necessary information.

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Visual IVR

We will provide you with the option to customize and alter the IVR menu and flows easily through easy to use and intuitive tools. It contains simple options like drag and drop to edit the flow and menu.

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Multilingual IVR

We take those interactions to a new level and make them sound natural and native offering multilingual IVR solutions. We use those languages and localize your IVR menu, improving customer interaction and engagement.

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