Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are basically automated messages used by the brands to assist their consumers through different processes like order confirmation texts, welcome greeting text, updates regarding shipping and delivery etc.

Transactional SMS have proven to be a really successful medium for communication with higher accessibility, availability and convenience. For companies transactional SMS makes it easier to assist and provide timely updates to their audience. ITS offers branded SMS gateway for you to conveniently send transactional SMS to your customers.

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Benefits of Transactional SMS

High Open Rate

SMS has a comparatively high open rate than other mediums. It reaches and is read by the audience fast which increases the engagement rate significantly.

Convenient and Fast

With the ease of accessibility through mobile phones, it is an easy and fast medium to reach and communicate with your audience with higher engagement and impact.

Availability and Reliability

It makes it easier for your to actively monitor and assist people through maintaining communication between you and your audience.

Software Integration


A full feature API for sending and receiving messages, as well as additional features like credit balance lookups, and receiving the status of sent messages. This API is ideal for sending bulk messages as well as single messages.


Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) is a fast and reliable protocol that is used by telecommunications companies around the world to send SMS messages. ITS can offer an SMPP connection to businesses wanting to send large numbers of messages. A full feature API for sending transactional alerts only. The transactional SMS types are OTP codes, order confirmations and most important banking alerts.


A light-weight API that makes it easy to send messages over email. Many software packages with SMS capabilities can use the email-to-SMS gateway to send messages. Access to all APIs is included free with your account. Specified documentation for all API’s will be shared and we have support staff available to assist your developers in implementing SMS into your software.

Features of Transactional SMS

Free API Integration

ITS offers free API integration. With this API integration you can enable messaging channels while paying just for the services you use.

SMS Delivery Reports

ITS offers SMS delivery reports so you can monitor or check the delivery status of every transactional message. This helps in identifying the success and engagement rate for your transactional SMS.

No Time Limitation

You can send SMS and alerts across anytime and get instant deliverability. These transactional SMS can be automated and sent when required depending upon the user’s action.